Last Updated: 8th of June 2021

Aquacraft strives to be an inclusive and fun community, that lets you unwind and have a fun Minecraft experience. With this, in our effort to create a pleasant Minecraft experience for everyone, we request the following rules to be obliged:


Global Chat Rules

  • Be ethical, logical and use common sense – Aquacraft is a friendly environment, so we ask that you use common sense, and just be nice to people. Do not go out of your way to bother someone and if you have to question if something is allowed, it likely isn’t. With the above in mind don’t feel like you can’t ask a staff member if you can or cannot do/use something.
  • Do not carry out any form of discrimination/harassment – Some examples are, but not limited to: Slurs, Racism, Ableism, Homophobia, Sexism, Sexual harassment, or even mockery for stuff like religion, sexual/gender orientation, grammar, personal beliefs. etc.
  • Mini Modding is frowned upon – As a staff member it can be annoying when players try to take the moderation into their own hands, that doesn’t mean you can’t inform what isn’t and is allowed; but it should be kept in mind there’s a difference between acting on a behalf that you shouldn’t be, and informing an individual.
  • Intolerance/Insensitivity – We ask you to keep others in mind before you speak, this is a lenient server to some extent in terms of chat offences, but that’s not to say if you’re making others uncomfortable that you aren’t going to be punished. If you are talking about suggestive content, or it overall just irks people(s). Then you should stop.
  • Advertising – Please do not actively advertise your social media(s), products, services, servers, streams, videos, etc. There are of course exceptions, if you are actively streaming/making a video on the server, you may post those links. However, if you are certified as a Streamer or Youtuber by the owner, then you may post other links related to your platform as well.
  • Controversial Topics – Stuff such as politics shouldn’t be discussed, nothing good comes out of them and more than not will cause arguments, debates, flaming which also aren’t tolerated in public chats anyway. If you’d like to discuss your nonsense in dm’s, feel free. However, it is not a place for public chat and debate.
  • Spamming, Flooding, Bypassing and Excessive CAPS – Most of this is pretty straight forward, for those whom don’t know. Flooding is like spamming but within 1 chat message (Example: BANANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) and Bypassing is just bypassing filters built in for a reason, like saying p3nis instead of penis.

Global Gameplay Rules

  • Cheating – Gaining an unfair advantage is considered cheating, any bug that is within the server or the game itself and exploiting it for personal gain is seen and will be treated as cheating. Illegal mods/clients, the encouragement/sharing of cheats, exploitation, or even auto-clicking/macros.
  • Player Content – Please be mindful of the content you create, such as map arts, skins, claim messages, signs, capes, pet names, item names, buildings, usernames, party names, or tags. There are people of all age groups so we ask that you’re mindful of who your audience is.
  • Illegal Activities/Safety – Doxxing, DDOS-ing/botting, sexual harassment, copyright infringement (excluding content like map arts, item names, and shops), swatting, hacking, blackmail, extortion are not allowed.
  • Griefing & Murder –  Do not grief people, this is the damaging, or intentionally trying to harm another person’s creation/area that obviously belongs to them such as a build or creation. Do not try to kill people outside of explicitly stated PvP designated areas (IE. /warp PvP, or a PvP warp). This includes but is not limited to, TP Killing, Traps, Bed Bombing, Crystal Bombing, AFK-Trapping, Exploitation of a bug (plugin side, server side, or vanilla mechanics) to kill someone, teleporting a friend to kill someone instead of you.
  • Theft/Leeching & Scamming – Stealing is against our rules, if you take someone’s stuff without their consent that is stealing, this also goes for deaths outside of a non-keep inventory, PvP-designated area, Leeching is also considered a form of theft; if you steal someone’s drops from any bosses that is leeching and it may result in punishment. We prohibit scamming, as it is a form of theft. If you cross trade from server to server we will not monitor that and if you are scammed that is your fault so it is not recommended.
  • AFK Skilling – If you are gaining any form of EXP, towards a plugin or vanilla whilst AFK (Away From Keyboard), that is considered AFK Skilling.
  • Alt/Friend Boosting – If you’re using an alt/friend to gain stuff like continuous amounts of money, skills, Vote Parties, EXP (plugin or not) items or materials, that is not allowed. If it isn’t ill-willed then you’ll be fine; such as a gift to a friend.
  • IRL Trading – IRL (In Real Life) trading is the trading of in game goods for things in the real world. Things for sale on /buy is allowed to be traded (IE. Money for a Rank) as it is associated with the Aquacraft platform itself.
  • Trolling – Not to be confused with a small joke with a friend, however if you are creating problems on the server; whether it’s inflammatory or upsetting it isn’t allowed. Essentially, if you are trying to get a rise out of other players, impersonate, falsify information, create lag machines or just overall be a nuisance that is considered and will be treated as trolling.
  • Pets – Do not tame pets and leave them in widely trafficked areas.
  • Chargebacks – Do not chargeback, you will be permanently banned and it is likely that you will have your base world edited away. When you chargeback it not only is an attempt to take the money back, but can result in additional charges for something you donated for; when you buy something from the shop it is considered a donation. If you want an unban from a chargeback you must pay back the exact amount you requested to be charged back in the first place.
  • World Downloading – You are not allowed to download worlds, you may create schematics of your creations however if you have the intent to download entire worlds for the builds, or to gain an unfair advantage then it will be treated as cheating.

Gamemode Specific Rules

Survival Rules

  • Claiming – Please do not troll claim; if you claim just to restrict another person’s claim from expansion that is considered troll claiming, you must be a minimum of 500 blocks from that claim at any given point. Want to claim next to someone? Ask them first. Claims can be removed after 3 months of inactivity if you have a valid reason for removing it; saying something like “I want their items” is not valid, we also won’t remove claims if we see that the players of said claim has put too much work into it. So be mindful.
  • Bosses – Please do not spawn bosses just to kill another player, or spawn a boss and don’t fight it. Please do not steal another person’s boss or engage in combat with it without prior consent as that is considered a form of leeching. You may spawn up to 64 bosses at a time, but please be mindful of people around you.
  • Random Nerd Poles/Lava Casting – Do not build random pillars in the sky and just leave them there, please remove them if you intend to make one. Also, do not make random Lava Casts, its annoying to see a random lava cast/cobble monster in the middle of nowhere, if you are using it or a base, then it is allowed. Failure to comply with this, will result in a temp-ban.
  • Passive Mob Farms – You may only have up to 30 of each passive mob (unstacked) in a 5×5 chunk radius, any extras may be purged by staff.
  • Rare Biomes – Please do not claim the entirety of a rare biome (Such as Mega Taiga, Ice Spikes, and Mesa), as other people would like to use them. There is no real reason to even have to claim one of those biomes unless you are building a base in them. We’d like to prolong these biomes so they can last through the entire map. Failure to comply would be considered as troll claiming.

Skyblock Rules

  • Insiding – Joining an island via co-op just to take their belongings, leaving them with less just for you to gain profit or benefits is not allowed. All items there, are considered property of the island owner, however you can take items that you have contributed towards (we recommend getting a staff to help you with this to verify the items you take). This also goes vice versa, if you invite people just for them to store their items and kick them, that is also not allowed. If you are kicking them for a valid reason, that is okay but you must make sure their items are re-compensated.
  • Splitting Value – If you have an island, all the value that you own must remain to that island, you may not split island value in order to gain rewards or take up extra spaces on /is top. If you do this there is a risk both your islands will be world-edited away entirely.
  • Member Rotation – You may not consistently kick a member from your island just for someone else to join for the moment, if someone is in your island they must stay in there for the majority if not all the time, there’s not a valid reason you shouldn’t be within your island at all times anyway.

Minigames Rules

  • No Cross-teaming In any of our games within our minigames gamemode, no cross-teaming is allowed within the games.
  • No Boosting – Boosting is the act of playing another player’s account with the sole for them to reach a higher level for easier flex. This is not allowed in any of our minigames.

Discord Rules

  • Voice Chats – When in voice chats please keep all people in mind, we ask that you don’t bring ear-rape, soundboards, loud/background music, with you when you join voice chats. The majority of people who use voice chats don’t want to hear it and will not be tolerated.
  • Names/Nicknames – Your name should be able to be easily found, please do not use custom fonts, a bunch of symbols or alike. It should be able to be easily pinged/found using any generic keyboard.
  • Pinging – If someone is on Do Not Disturb, don’t ping them. Please also do not ping staff unless they’ve explicitly said it’s okay to do so, that’s what tickets are for.
    • If you provide all the needed information in a ticket you may ping one staff that is not on do not disturb to help you with your ticket. The exception to this is if someone is breaking a rule, and it needs immediate attention, you may ping accordingly.
  • Terms of Service – By joining our discord server, Aquacraft is under the assumption that you have followed Discord’s Terms of Service.

Rule Tiers (Punishments)

Chat Offences:

  • Tier 0 (T0) – Staff Discretion
  • Tier 1 (T1) – Verbal Warning > Warning(s) > 30m Mute x3 > 24h Mute > 24h Ban > 7d Ban > Perm Ban
  • Tier 2 (T2) – Warning(s) > 30m Mute > 24h Mute > 24h Ban > 7d Ban > Perm Ban
  • Tier 3 (T3) – 24h Mute > 7d Ban > Perm Ban:
  • Tier 4 (T4) – Perm Ban/Blacklist

Gameplay Offences:

  • Tier 0 (T0) – Staff Discretion
  • Tier 1 (T1) – Verbal Warning > Warning(s) > 1-3d Ban or Jail > 4-7d ban > 30d Ban > Perm Ban
  • Tier 2 (T2) – Warning(s) > 3d Ban or Jail > 7d Ban > 30d Ban > Perm Ban
  • Tier 3 (T3) – 3d Ban or Jail > 7d Ban > Perm Ban/Stat Reset
  • Tier 4 (T4) – Perm Ban/Blacklist

Listed below are general punishments as described above, along with their explained descriptions with some context on the usual general reason of punishment:

  • Staff Discretion – Pretty self-explanatory, a staff will notify of such and such acts that you may have done recently in accordance to the reason. A simple notification.
  • Verbal Warning – An explicit statement of warning from a staff member, in accordance with reasoning. Last warning before a taint in player’s history.
  • Warning – An explicit warning using /warn by staff that will taint the player’s history, and is now on record.
  • Temporary Mute -A temporary mute with a set duration in accordance to reason, this mute will disable players to talk in global chat.
  • Temporary Ban – Temporary ban with a set duration, that disable players from entering the server in that duration of time. This punishment will not be instantly revoked, only reduced.
  • Permanent Ban/Blacklist – You are not to be allowed to play on the server, unless an appeal is in accordance, however a blacklist means that you are banned on all of Aquacraft’s platforms .

Any failed/successful attempts at evading any punishments from the above will result in higher/heavier punishments to be set upon.


Most of AquaCraft’s rules are under a policy of which a Staff Member can punish you to how they see fit. Which also means they do not have to follow a direct course of action rather this will give you the baseline for your punishment. So if a staff feels you’ve broken enough rules prior they may give you a 7d ban for a minor grief instead of 3d for example. This not because you had made a major grief, but rather instead they felt it was accurate due to the fact you’ve broken enough rules in the past that a 7d ban is more adequate in comparison to the typical 3d ban. Our rules can be changed at any given time without any notice so it is up to you as the player to be updated with them, and with that in mind the more rules that you break the harsher your punishments will be. Is it fair for someone who hasn’t broken any rules until now to receive a much more lenient punishment than someone who has broken the same rule but has a history of breaking rules? Yes, because if the person who broke rules in the past never broke any until now, they’d be in the same boat hence it is fair and will be treated as such. Also keep in mind if a player joins just to break our rules, then it is highly probable that they will be permanently banned for trolling.

Have more questions? Create a ticket in our discord!