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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do here?

Aquacraft is a server designed to have the players put first, we try to keep the server friendly and fun! You can fight custom mobs, and compete for glory depending on which Server you’re on. For instance, Our gamemodes were designed for those that love the grind, so you can compete and grind your hearts out for baltop(balancetop) on our gamemodes! Don’t like to compete? That’s fine too! If you’d simply like to play the game for how it is and chill, you can!

Where can I build?

If you’re on Survival, simply do /wild to start your journey! You can build almost anywhere, however there are some restrictions such as you cannot build within a 500 block radius of another player’s base, but also some useful plugins to keep your items safe. Click here to view a video on how to claim!
If you’re on Skyblock do /is home to start your journey!

How can I play with my friend, in the same place?

Survival: You could simply create a home/claim, and grant building permissions to your friend using /trust <name> in your claim!

Skyblock: There’s two ways to play with a friend on skyblock:

Inviting a player to you island as member: First you gotta make sure that they do not have their own island (if they do, they can simply delete their island using /island delete command) then you can use /island invite <name> and invite your friend to your island, and they’ll become a member as soon as they do /island join <name> , also you can promote/demote a member using /island permissions.

Inviting an island to an alliance with your island: Keep in mind that by doing this you grant all members of that island the permission to build/take items in your island as Owner/Co-Owner of an island. You can make an alliance with another island using /island coop <name> , and your islands will be in an alliance as soon as they do the same command to accept the alliance.

How do I set a home?

If you’re on Survival you can use /sethome <home name>
If you’re on Skyblock you use /is home, but can do /is setwarp to have island warps.

How do I make money?

Survival: You can vote, fight bosses, mine, or even open a shop! There are many possibilities on what you can do.
Skyblock: You can vote, or grind and /sell items for money!

How do I turn off the scoreboard on the right?

You could simply just do the /asb toggle command to toggle the scoreboard on or off whenever you please!

HELP! I’ve been looted/killed/griefed. What do I do?

You can make a ticket on our discord, click here to visit it. Please provide evidence to backup your claims and a detailed description of the incident. Staff will look into the matter as soon as it is possible, please do not spam/ping staff members in any case, this will only make your matter worse.

This guy is annoying me and being vulgar, can’t they be banned for harassment?

Depending on the severity, yes. If you report it to a staff, they will deal with the situation accordingly. We follow guidelines on how to deal with these things and it is highly recommended you use /ignore to ignore said players who cause problems if a staff isn’t readily available.

I was banned! What do I do?

If you’d like to appeal for a ban, create a ticket on discord. Most bans are appealable within reason and if you make an appeal with a plea that we find sufficient, your ban may be reduced or if it was a false ban; removed entirely

I DIED! Will you replace my stuff?

If you died by your own accord, no. We will not refund for stuff that you lost due to a death of your own fault, however if it was caused by an issue in relation to a bug or a server caused issue; then we may give you a refund. Ensure if the latter is the case you supply a very detailed description of your items including names, enchantments, materials, etc.

What mods/clients are allowed?

  • Clients/mods designed to enhance FPS performance, such as Optifine, Badlion, or Lunar
  • Aesthetic modifications, such as lowfire, shaders mods, etc
  • Armor, Effect, & Health indicators
  • Brightness/gamma enhancing mods
  • Keystrokes or CPS indicators
  • Hud Enhancements
  • Schematica/Litematica (Printer/EasyPlace not permitted)

Hopefully these questions could help in you in the start of your journey, traveler, but please ensure that you have read and understand the rules before entering our server, and it is within your best interest to keep up to date with any changes to the rules. If you have any further question, feel free to open a ticket in our discord server! Have fun in your journey!