About Us

We’re a cracked Minecraft server that satisfies those of you that love to grind!

Our mission is to give you a safe place to play the game, but also keep you all entertained while you play and grind! There are currently three wonderful game modes to pick from when you join the hub; Survival, Skyblock, or Minigames! Each gamemode is built for a different group of people so you should be able to find what you are looking for when you come to AquaCraft!

Our gamemodes

Here are a few of our many more to come gamemodes that features a fun and safe, as well as an inclusive environment for the utmost of the grinding experience for you all!

Map III Survival Spawn


Introducing the most OP of our game modes! Like to play the game with a little RPG aspect into it? Survival might be for you! Custom Mobs like the Mermaid in the depths of the sea and bosses to grind, or maybe you want to play with our custom mining plugin! This gamemode caters to most of the people who want a little extra in their Sandbox experience!

Where it all begins!


This gamemode is a mix of the real extents of pure Minecraft Skyblock, as well as some complexity and grind involved. If you are interested in that grindy experience, or just competing to be the best island, then this game mode might be for you! Skyblock has custom recipes, NPC’s and other intuitive things for you to explore and enhance the enjoyment you have within the game!

Minigame spawn
Island of Fun


Newly launched gamemode from us to those grinders that want to have some fun, out of grinding all day and all night. As well as for those that would just like to have your good old Minecraft minigames, we have it right here on Aquacraft! We’ve got Bedwars, Mini Walls, Temple Run and much more! We’ve made them to be simulated as 1.8 as possible for the best experience! Have some fun out there and let the parties begin!

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Heya, I’m Chop, I’m an Aussie and (currently) the only server admin, and also currently apprentice builder to luny, I’m quite knowledgeable about the server so feel free to ask anything. I mainly hang around the survival world, and I’m also queer along with some of the other staff. :]
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Hey I'm Aqua :D, I'm currently one of 4 managers on Aquacraft. I'm a digital artist and will be free to help out primarily on the skyblock server, but I often play survival too. I'll be here happy to help anyone that needs me!
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Yo I’m blaze, I’m a Manager here, mainly on Skyblock, but also an Administrator on Survival. I’ve been here since the beginning of the server. I’m pretty chill and active on the server. I’m helping out with Skyblock and plan to keep up the effort to improve it while I'm staff here.
Manager/Builder Luny carrying a piece of log



Hewo, I'm Luny, one of the server managers, also the server's head builder, and I've been here since square 1. I love to help new players with basic info about server, so if you got a question poke me 😉 i wont bite 😛
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Hello there! I usually go by xenon or xen, whichever you'd want I don't mind, but am truly thankful that you took the time to look around our server! This server's made by grinders for grinders to grind as much as we could! I'm usually the guy that works behind the scenes :p, anyways have fun!
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Heya! I am AtomicWalroos the Server Owner! I manage the entire server as a collective and intend to strive for greatness as we proceed furthermore into the future! If you have any questions or concerns don't feel free to shoot me a message.