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Halloween Hollows: Haunted House & More!

Halloween Hollows: what is it about?

For October this year, there will be a total of four events with many new features for travelers to enjoy throughout this spooky month. The Haunted House /warp HauntedHouse is the first of the four; we will announce the rest as the month goes on. Talk to Spooky Luny to get more information on Halloween Hollows.

where did this spooky house come from, and what could be inside it?

Evil David: Sinister Candles

It seems David has an alter ego, and is in search of 13 Sinister Candles! Travelers must find it all before em! There are a total of 13 NPCs you must interact with to get all of the candles, and in turn, you will be rewarded quite generously. Various warps and future events this month are all fair game for these candles.

Server Store: New crate & payment methods!

For October, we present the all-new Halloween Crate! The Halloween Crate not only has pets, disguises but also multiple cosmetics. Limited time only for this month!

This is the Fox Mask, 1/5 wearable cosmetics in the crate!

Since Aquacraft has existed, we unfortunately only have accepted PayPal as a payment method; however, we are now actively taking over 60 brand new payment methods worldwide! Due to this excitement, we are also launching a 25% discount for the rest of October. Halloween key(s) can be purchased in the Limited-Time category. Check it out in our store here! Enjoy!

Voting: Sevagog

Trade with Sevagog at spawn through Halloween Fractals obtained through Voting! Halloween Fractals are great for cosmetics, but also some limited, useful items! Get it while it’s still here!

Permanent Addition: Crazy Cat Lady

Dang! That lady loves her cats! With some new, easily obtainable cosmetics you can now have a cat sleep on your head because who doesn’t want the purrfect companion? Go check her out at the black market!

That’s all… for now

Have fun on part 1 of 4 of the Halloween Hollows! Remember to be very attentive to your surroundings and always look for easter eggs! We will see you soon, travelers.

We thank you once again, for the constant support we’ve been having, and we hope to have a nice spooky month filled with events ahead of us!

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