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Survival: Map III

We are excited to share a new and improved map this time around because we know our player-base is excited too! Map III is releasing on August 1st at 6:00 PM EST with lots more customized features! Taking concepts from Map II and improving on them drastically will make this map, what Map II couldn’t live up to.

“Why are we called the new generation of travelers? We’ve been here the whole time”, an often distraught thought between travelers. oh what’s this? a letter?

What’s New?

While keeping relatively the same theme, this map will be much more improved in long-term gameplay. Map II’s major flaw was that its over-inflation of in-game items and easy progression throughout the content, made it boring relatively quickly and we are here to change that! We now are focusing on a player-to-player economy rather than a server to player economy.


In this Map, we reworked bosses quite a lot. If you want to obtain the best gear you must fight bosses, but they will no longer be a quick money grab. There are 4 categories of bosses: Novice, Moderate, Challenging, and Expert, in addition to 12 unique bosses! Boss drops help you progress your title in the Black Market and allow you to get new gear!

Travelers will be able to have default access to 4 different boss arenas, where they are all similar in function, different in design. Be sure to try out all 4 to spice up the grind!


New items to explore, grind and have fun, each crate has its own use and hopefully each giving its own incentive! There are a total of 12 crates with all kinds of interesting equipment, perks, and various rarities! Some new mention-worthy crates include a Guppy Crate, Pantadon Crate, Angler Crate, and more!

Tutorial & Warps

We’ve added a new tutorial warp to help new players experience our server. The tutorial is a series of holograms about basic information about our server and how to play! Feel free to check it out at any given time.

Additionally, to correct the terrible amount of shops (un-managed ones) we had on the previous map, we are now only allowing staff-managed shops, meaning player-warps and shops would now need to be checked regularly and opened by staff to ensure activity. We can’t wait to see new shops that you guys come up, with our new items!

Next up, with a new Map, comes a whole new /warp PvP for those that would like to duke it out in the battlefield! We’ve remodeled the whole battlefield to be more compact, more PvP-Friendly, and much simpler! Travelers can now be sure to determine the winner within their fights, as the battlefield is an open-space battlefield, with an underground section!

Hall of Fame

We now have a Hall of Fame for player achievements! So make sure to create a ticket if you qualify for 1 of these achievements or go to the person who made the ticket. Check it out and maybe you’ll be in the Hall of Fame too!

Vote Shop

The all-new vote shop allows players to interact with the server a lot more through vote points! The items available will vary but will change frequently throughout the map from crate keys to temporary ranks! Voting daily allows you to obtain vote points.


Achievable Player Ranks

To better suit the server we’ve updated both donor ranks and player ranks! There are 2 new donor ranks: Cetus, and Siren meaning we’ve also adjusted the perks of each rank along with the price. Check them out here ;>. Additionally, we’ve added 18 new player ranks: I IX and Reborn I Reborn IX all obtained through McMMO, Money, and /Rankup.

Custom Settings for All!

Skill Maps & Settings

We’ve added many new in-game menus for better QoL, a brand new /settings menu with all types of customization, and a Skill Map (Upgrades) menu allowing you to get perks that bind to S+ tools and equipment, or passively as you play the game!

Black Market

The Black Market is a secret market to get all types of exciting items and is the only place to get S+ gear! The black market trades boss parts, so bosses will be a very high commodity within the Black Market! This will be great for upcoming features like the classes and gambling systems coming later on this Map!


We’d like to introduce a new, but old friend, David, and his son, David Jr! For those who don’t know David originated from another server, many of us used to play. Talk to David’s son for a special item and a free coin! This coin allows you to get some unique items.

Spawn & Vanilla changes

Finally, we would like to acknowledge how small Map II’s spawn was and it made events hard to plan, which is why we upsized spawn this map along with some new friends you’ll find as you explore! With new life and exploration, spawn is going to be a place for lots of fun to occur! As many recall, villagers, raids, and aquatic mobs were “sent to brazil” as some of you had said and we are hoping these will stay on this map as long as performance stays up, so for right now all of which are enabled.

Survival Map III

Credits & Final Message

Hey hey! AtomicWalroos here, hope you guys have fun and enjoy what I’ve put out for this upcoming Map. Grind as hard as you can, travelers!

I’d like to thank everyone who helped with the creation of this map!
Poal2: Item balancing, testing and creation.
Luny27: Lead Builder of most server-builds.
Errant_Mountain: Built some Tutorial Scenery.
Ra_: Texture Pack Redesigning Interning.
Xenonial: Public Relation & Management.
Skeppy_07: Beta Testing.
KaiRuin: Store Artwork.

I’ve worked really hard on this map and so have the people above and I really would like to thank everyone for helping me create what will be the new Era of Survival! This map had a lot of effort and I hope it shows. Hope to see you soon, Travelers! I’d especially like to thank Poal2 & Luny27 as they both single-handedly made this map possible, as I know it wouldn’t have been done without them, so thank you! I will also be giving some items away on the first day for compensation over the recent discord raid and mass pings, as it will not delay this map reset by any means.

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