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Skittle Raiders

Hello Travelers! It seems there has been a tragic accident, some rambunctious skittles have been released into Aquacraft! Would you guys be willing to capture them? These skittles are wanted for the crimes they have caused! We must lock them away for good, these sweet candies are far from sweet, they are maniacal. Find them, and capture them to receive rewards. While they don’t look scary, they can pack a punch and like to play tricks. Be aware, they aren’t easy to capture. Good luck Travelers.

Messages for the Travelers

“Hello humans, we have come to take over your realm, we come from Mother skittle and she has sent us here to murder you all! We have been studying you guys for a long time and you disgust us, all you care about is wealth and glory and we are here to take that from you! Be prepared for the wrath of the skittles!

These Skittles have also each individually left us a special hint on how to find them.

Special Hints

“Hello, I’m red, as fun as I can be, I’m sure that you will never find me. A place filled with power and aura so great, but the question is, will you find what you need to seal my fate? An old magmatic friend you will discover, but don’t dare wake me from beneath the bed cover.”

“Hello, I’m orange, to find me you will need a special key, locate the grinder and hand it to thee. Be prepared for a fight, or will you cower in fright? My style is similar to red, as he’s my twin, but do you think you have what it will take to win?”

“Heya, it’s yellow, one little bite of my friend and you’ll feel quite mellow. In the place the only villagers remain, you’ll find fang who is just a tad insane. Good luck finding him I’m not so confident you can, but I’m sure fang is your number one fan.”

“Yo-yo it’s lime, dang is it already time? To find what you need, you must follow my lead! In the place you begin, is the item you so desperately want to win. Near the shops you will find, a hidden evoker’s behind.”


Unlike our typical updates, set on a linear line. You can finish this quest in 2 different storylines, but on top of that, you can do the quest as many times as you want so you can view both options by redoing the quests! Happy skittle raiding!

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