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New Gamemode: Minigames!

New Gamemode?

Do you hear that? The fireworks blaring, ready to have a party? Because we sure are, bringing in the fun, and introducing minigames to Aquacraft! All the fun and games that you’d want to relieve yourself from tirelessly grinding all day all night! You can have it back right at home, on the server you grind on! One thing that will be missed from the Aquacraft server, is our 1.16 KitPvP, as we realised that it doesn’t really suit the grinding experience and the chill time that you want to have!

We’re excited to see you guys playing our new gamemode, and all the ties that you all make! These new minigames are designed to simulate 1.8 PvP as best as possible, including multiple new minigames, including Bed Wars, Mini Walls, Temple Run, and more!

Be sure to read the new minigames rules here, before you enter the gamemode. By playing and entering the new gamemode, you hereby agree to the rules.

minigame spawn island
Minigame Spawn Island!
minigame roster
Current Minigame Roster
Minigame spawn
Minigame’s Spawn!

Some of our new games!

We won’t mention all of them here, as we want to save the party for you guys to check out, but here are a few descriptions of the ones mentioned above! These are intended to be fun, and a way to have a chill time with friends, and we are intending to add more in the future! Be sure to stick around for more! Don’t forget, if you’d like to suggest some minigames, be sure to join our discord and suggest them! We’ll try our best to uphold your expectations :>


A PvP concept in which players spawn on a designated floating islands map, and their goal is to defeat others by destroying their beds, and until a player’s bed is destroyed, they can keep coming back to life. Players gather resources to help them fight, using generators in their own islands along with better material generators spread throughout the map. The materials could be traded for better survival items from the in-island shop. Last man standing wins! This game is very strategic, but also has gameplay that is reliant on resources. We’ve got a few maps for this minigame, with more coming soon, below is a few preview of them!

Candy Land Map

Nyam, Nyam! Those sweets look tasty don’t they? Well, fight for them in this bedwars map to keep all those sweets to yourself!

Ashore Map

“Arggh! ” – What’s this? Where did all these realm pirates come from! We shall not let them steal our realm treasures travelers! Fight them to your death!

Don’t worry, we don’t just have two maps for our bedwars gamemode, there’s way more than that, we just don’t want to spoil the surprise and party for you guys! So go ahead and try them all out!

Mini Walls

A game with 4 teams: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. Each team can consist of up to 5 players to fight for their wither. Your objective is to kill other players and kill the other’s withers, killing another player’s team will not only weaken their wither but will grant you time to kill it, whilst also making sure that your own wither does not perish. Last team standing with their wither wins! Wither superiority! This game is very dependent on teamwork strategies to succeed, oh, and your PvP skills. Below is a preview of one of our many Mini Walls Map, Glacier!

Temple Run

Based on the 3d endless running game developed by Imangi Studios, this is a game where you can challenge your friends to beat a smaller version of the course the fastest, whoever is victorious will be able to flex their time on everyone else, and also get some coins. The faster your reflex skills and parkour abilities, the better you will do at this minigame!


Yes Coins, however Coins don’t have an initial use yet, but we intend to give them use in the future, so keep grinding those coins and wouldn’t want to miss what the future awaits for you!
Below is a preview of the whole temple run map, and obstacles that you will have to face!

The above are simply just the three of more minigames that we currently have in store for you guys! Be sure to keep in touch in our discord, and suggest some more minigames that you’d like to see to help relieve yourselves from the many grinding experience in Aquacraft! We’re excited to see your plays in the new gamemode! See you there o/

Connecting with Staff in the new Gamemode

We do understand sometimes it’s difficult for staff to connect with players, with our duties, however, staff will be playing this gamemode (including AtomicWalroos), so we hope that everyone can stay connected as the server grows, and thank everyone for all the contributions they’ve made to allow us to create this new gamemode! For further help, you could contact us by making a ticket on our discord!

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