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Survival Bosses & Crates Update

Hello there travelers of the Survival realms! We’ve got some enticing news, the current roster of Boss souls were suddenly agitated and they’ve now turned into Boss stars! These stars now will give more information on said bosses, and are much more informative and understandable. New boss tiers also added to better represent our current roster, along with changes to our crates. Be sure to read ahead!


As said above, we have dropped the old “Souls” system of our bosses, and will be migrating to Boss “Stars”. All the crates have been updated to reflect them, and as we phase them out, stuff like Meteors will switch over eventually too!

Intense Boss Star Example
Intermediate Boss Star Example

New Boss Tiers

For this update, we also have new Boss Tiers, to better represent the challenge of our current roster of Bosses. Beginner, Intermediate, Challenging, and Intense! Don’t worry though, the Boss Aura’s are still the same to avoid people losing their progress to those!

Will my Souls still work?

Heck ya’ they will, however, they will be considered outdated. You will still be able to get them through reaction and meteors for now, as we want to phase them out slowly to avoid players getting confused.

Crates and New Shop Items

As it’s been mentioned before, the more donations we receive, we are able to output more updates, and you guys have really come through this last week! The Vote Crate and Seasonal Crate have both received a wonderful update! Be sure to check them out and test your luck out!

Vote Crate Revamped
Summer Seasonal Crate Update

We also now have home vouchers, for more /homes locations, you can buy on /buy! Check out “Individual Perks” or click here.

Highest home voucher option

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