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Survival Build Event: Aquatic (Ended)

2 Aquacraft Players Building

Hello, travellers of the survival realms! It is time for a monthly build event! *gosh we haven’t had one in a while*. For people that don’t know what a build event is, it is a month-long event where players can compete by building their best builds that reflect the theme chosen, staff then judge accordingly and whichever team has the best build to our standards wins.

Build Event Theme: Aquatic Theme

This is an Aquatic-themed build event *chosen by you guys in our discord, join us ;>*, so build anything that you consider Aquatic, be imaginative, be creative! We are excited to see what is built! Make sure your build is within reason and PG as well 👀.

June Build Event Winner: ErrantMountain

Whale Island by ErrantMountain

Build Name: The Whale Island

Story behind the build: From the Diary of Ludwig: “It’s been almost a year since we got stranded on this…island. We got caught in a storm and our weasel crashed. Only Bruce and I have survived, though, now I am here alone. We woke up on this small piece of land with nothing but the ocean as far as the eye can see. We didn’t notice at first that it was moving, but it was indeed. Can you believe that? An island on a whale’s back! We gathered what we could from the crash and built a tiny settlement. We fished and never seem to cross another storm, few months ago. It would seem that Big Berta (how we decided to call the whale) sensed the bad weather and avoided it each time, but not that night. The storm burst down on us leaving most of our possessions in ruins. When the skies cleared out there was no trail of Bruce. I tried looking and calling for him each day, but to no result. There are nights when I could swear I can almost hear him. But it’s probably my imagination playing tricks on me out of loneliness. Tonight, when the sun rose, I heard seagulls in the distance. We are coming to the Big Land. I think Berta finally decided to bring me home…”

Average Judge Score: 59/55 !!

Thank you to all that joined our build event, we loved seeing all your builds and the story you have behind them. Be sure to stick around for another coming soon!


  • The build should reflect the theme of the competition.
  • Do not copy, replicate, or plagiarize someone else’s builds. They must be entirely yours. You are free to use inspiration but you must link those inspirations in your final publication of your build within the ticket.
  • Schematica, Litematica, or any other mods similar are strictly not allowed
  • You may collaborate with up to 1 other person to create a build, however, the rewards will be split in half (or of your own share.).
  • Your structure must abide by all our rules and guidelines. This means it must be within the realm of reason and does not portray anything 16+.
  • Do not build near anyone else’s submissions 
  • Your build must be built after this announcement, no old builds!
  • Your build must be submitted by June 20th
  • Do not take pictures of your builds with any texture packs for shaders present (we all know shaders make everything look good 😠 ).
  • The staff team will be taking pictures of the builds for records of the competition, and if asked, will be sent to the respective builders (in shaders) for retrospection.

How to post your submission

Create a ticket in our discord when you build is complete with the following format:
You are allowed to create a ticket beforehand, as a placeholder or reminder of entry to the competition.

IGN(s) (In-Game-Name(s)):
Name of Build:
Build Story (Optional):
Coordinates of Build:
3 Screenshots of your Build:
Please make sure to select the Build Entry Ticket option

Scoring System [Point Rubric]

You can use the below table for the point rubric on your builds, please keep in mind the descriptions are not properly set in stone, and judges will have the last say in the matter.

DesignUsing a variety of materials/blocks and mechanics/techniques
while constructing the build.
CreativityThinking out of the box on different parts of the build,
using different combinations of block palettes.
OriginalityCreating something new or something clever that’s
within the theme
AccuracyDoes your build fit the theme?5
Overall EffortGeneral representation of effort in the build10
Build StoryIntriguing backstory/tale of the build. Bonus scoring.5
June Build Event Scoring System


[Owner] AtomicWalroos

[Manager] Luny2757

[Manager] xenonial

[Guest Judge] Sami_Darkangel

For all that don’t know, Sami was an Admin of ConspiracyCraft, a server a lot of us originated from before it was shut down.


2 Seasonal Bundles (Moobloom Mask Included), Medal 🥇, Crown 👑, & Moist tag

x4 Oceanus Key & 3m In-Game Currency

x2 Oceanus Key & 2m In-Game Currency

Due to mishaps, there was only one Winner amongst the participants, and the rewards are as above.


By creating a ticket and entering the competition, you hereby agree to the rules put up by the staff team for the build events along with Judges having the final say in the matter. Judging will be based on a set scoring system, decided by the staff team, shown above. Your points will be set forth in the ticket within the week of the due date. If you have any questions regarding the build event, feel free to contact us on our discord!

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