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Invitation to Zeloxian Realm

A Unique Invitation!

G̷̬͗͑̚r̸̤̙̞͌̔͠ē̸̗̱̼̋e̴̤̺̼̊͘͝t̸̛͎̀̐ḯ̴̤̫̒n̴̡͔̗̑̊g̸͇͛̽̊s̴̬̞̆͂ travelers, the new Survival update is here! And it’s here to stay! Do you hate getting leached by rando’s? Or maybe you dislike how small the boss arena is..well we have been invited to join a new realm, Zelox! Well it isn’t a large update, it will definitely open new possibilities for exclusive bosses to the realm! Zelox allows players to have an exclusive much bigger arena to fight our bosses, and is only achieved through proving worth.

Zelox is not a hazardous realm, rather it is a realm built by Excousia and his assistants to enable hunters and travelers from all around to have a privilege when hunting a respawned boss. The zelox realm is protected by a few bosses along the way, so be sure to gear up and ensure a victory to prove your worth for entry into the zelox realm and acquiring access to the Zeloxian Arena. Perks of bosses spawned within the zelox realm is that they drop something quite special and rare in itself.

Where to Start

To enter the realm, you must get your hands on a fancy invitation key, this key can be accessed through /cc crafting, it isn’t very difficult to create. This update is not meant to be a large one, yet it does require a bit of due diligence. It rather just supplies a more exclusive pathway to those who genuinely enjoy PvE. Once you get access to the key, redeem it and you will be able to enter the portal at /warp boss. You’ll be in a small central shaft consisting of 3 different portals where 2 will lead you to set battle arenas of the assesors. The third portal, once unlocked, will lead you to your privileged hunting ground/battle arena, the Zeloxian Arena.

Exclusive Zeloxian Arena
Portal to Shape Shifter’s Grounds
Portal to Excousia’s Grounds
Portal to Zeloxian Arena

What to Expect

There are 2 bosses for you to battle, both of which are now actually obtainable to fight exclusively in the Zelox realm! The Shape Shifter, and Excousia! These are the two bosses that are protecting the zelox realm, beat them in battle and prove your worth. While these bosses don’t drop any loot, they’re a requirement to be able to enter the exclusive area. However, when you get access to their souls, and respawning them will have a chance to drop loot!

Shape Shifter’s Battle Grounds

Shape Shifter is Excousia’s right hand man, and so you shall beat h̷̗̞̼̻̺͌̀͊̕ḯ̵̜̖̤̬͊͆̒m̵͇̤͗ first before facing Zelox’s Creator!

Excousia’s Assessing Grounds

This is the second part of your assessment to achieve access to the Zeloxian Arena, you are to beat its creator, Excousia!

Information on bosses

These bosses are both considerably difficult, however in terms of difficulty, the Shape Shifter is the easiest of the two, and the harder one is Excousia, the creator of Zelox. They specialize in hunger based attacks, being able to neutralize saturation (even from masks) and Excousia being able to give you huge waves of hunger. Both of these bosses have been tested by Poal2 (our regular grinder) and are killable with a Walroos mask, some food, and gear. Don’t need anything fancy. Normal boss souls are unable to be respawned simply in the Zeloxian Realm, they need to be transformed into their Zeloxian modes. Read more below!

Zeloxian Modes

If you convert your boss souls from the Zeloxian Trader into the Zelox version of the soul, there is a rare chance for your boss to turn into its Zeloxian Mode instead of its typical mode!. Essentially, the mob will lose control and absorb the power of Zelox! Beware though, the boss is still conscious of human beings, and will still attack you! If a boss hits Zelox mode, their HP will be increased, but so will the rewards. Here are the names of bosses being turned into their Zeloxian states!

Vulcrix Vinru

Getting a soul of either of the 2 new bosses:
To get one of the above you must kill a boss in its Zeloxian mode, the higher the  tier the more likely it is to drop one. You can get up to 1 of each soul type from a single boss!
Easy > 20% chance to get a Soul
Moderate > 50% chance to get a Soul
Hard > 80% chance to get a Soul

New Bosses’ Drop Tables

Please note you must have a zeloxian soul to get these drops, they will NOT drop from bosses that you did not spawn in with a Soul.

Loot DropPercentage
Shape Shifter’s Axe>10% Drop Rate
Enchanted Golden Apple>10% Drop Rate
Shape Shifters Amulet>3% Drop Rate
Vote, Rare, and Legendary KeysRemaining Percentage
Shape Shifter’s Drop Table
Loot DropPercentage
Excousia’s Blade>10% Drop Rate
Enchanted Golden Apple>10% Drop Rate
Excousia’s Wand>3% Drop Rate
Rare and Legendary KeysRemaining Percentage
Excousia’s Drop Table

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