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New Skyblock Realm: Aetheria

New Realm [/warp Aetheria]

Introducing… Aetheria, the land within the clouds. Aetheria is a new realm in our latest gamemode skyblock. Aetheria is the realm of angels, and they seem to be in distress from an unknown threat, and someone seems to be asking for your help, and with an offer. “You are to banish the Eidolias of their hatred, and in turn receive their powerful drops”, have you got what it takes?

New Items: Charms!

It introduces a completely new item! Charms! Charms can give you special potion effects to help with you with your Skyblock experience, there are currently 4 charms as of right now: The Agility Charm, Haste Charm, Leaping Charm, and Power charm! Aetheria is going to be a permanent addition to Skyblock, so you can expect more content to be added to it in the future. Aetheria introduces some new mobs too, along with their corresponding loot! These creatures take forms of the mobs you see on an everyday basis, home to the badlands of unknown origin, these creatures detest, resent and loathe of all those that are around them…do you dare attempt to conquer these deadly creatures? You might need Eidolia’s blood :<

Trade-in some uncharged charms with some pure materials for a charging boost to them!
Currently available amounts of charms, there’s more to come!

More Information on Charms:
Charms have 4 tiers, each tier makes the charm more valuable, by trading in some of the materials these resentful creatures drop, you can in turn use them to upgrade your charm! A charm must be wielded in your offhand to work properly. Lower tier charms give health debuffs due to the material’s overwhelming animosity, but by upgrading them you can remove those debuffs entirely!

“Old Man Paps”

Whilst on your journey in the current realm, Aquadia, you were suddenly contacted by an unknown figure, claiming to be alternative descendants to your ancestors. He calls himself “Old Man Paps”, piqued by his offer to explore a new realm, you’re now within the grasps of Old Man Paps. He seems to be fond of you and seems to be asking for your help, will you uphold the offer?

Paps will be a valuable asset to the lore of Skyblock, and you can expect him to be playing his part in upcoming aspects of Aetheria, as this won’t be the only content added to it. We will release content when we feel it’s needed and overall want you guys to enjoy the new items brought to you this lovely weekend.

Further Information

There are currently 5 new mobs added, they are not incredibly difficult, but you should definitely bring some materials to heal yourself

New items; include 4 charms, which each have 4 variations, as well as uncharged and different charge levels of a charm. There’s also now essence, more blood variations, as well as tears.

Journals that contain various currently known information on the realm of Aetheria, can be traded in for 7 Vote Keys with Henwy, new editions of the book will arrive when Aetheria gets new content. Gathering up these journals grant you more knowledge of the realm of Aetheria.

Collect them to see how the story plays out!

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