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Network Updates

Hello! We have started making some much larger changes with our upcoming gamemode Skyblock that has just been released. Including a new hub with 4 gamemode portals, 3 of which have been filled; KitPvP, Skyblock & Survival. Now you may be asking yourself; 4? Yes, it is confirmed there will be another gamemode it just is unknown when or what gamemode, but there will be one in the future. Next is Skyblock! Yes, it is officially open and ready to be played. Finally, the website! Our website has everything you’ll need in relation to AquaCraft! Including Rules, and other information in relation to the server. We are glad to share all the new stuff with you all and intend to keep our players in mind & hope you guys enjoy this and upcoming updates.

Enjoy the preview images of skyblock!

Preview images of our new hub!

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